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In a world of Instagram and fashion magazines, it’s easy to feel down on yourself or your fashion sense when compared to picture-perfect celebrities. However, a little-known secret is that few celebs and CEOs are wearing off-the-rack clothing like the rest of us. These elites commonly invest in alterations to their clothing to help it fit and flatter their body type perfectly.

Standard sizing is limiting when trying to dress our diverse and unique bodies, which is why a good tailor is your ally in making you feel great in your clothing. Alterations are a small investment that can make shopping mall clothing look like it’s straight off a designer runway. Even the most complicated alterations tend to run under $100, and the vast majority are less than $50. Considering the thousands of dollars people will spend on designer clothing, investing in a fine tailor is a far more affordable way to get a perfect look.

Signs of a Good Tailor

A Good Tailor Can Fix Just About Anything

No need to say goodbye to your favorite piece over a tear or a size change! Having a great tailor as your ally will help your favorite clothes last you for many years to come.

A Good Tailor Knows Body Type

A good tailor can work with your specific body type and make recommendations about which alterations will make clothes more flattering.

A Good Tailor Will Save You Money

Thinking about buying the perfect, brand-new piece for your wardrobe? Tailoring a similar second-hand piece is the more frugal option. Not only that, but your new piece will fit you perfectly!

A Good Tailor Communicates Well

A great tailor will talk to you about your style, the shape of clothing you prefer, your ideal look for a specific garment, and what is actually achievable with the material. Never be afraid to ask your tailor plenty of questions.

Common Alterations

Basic Alterations

Basic Alterations include simple fixes like button or zipper replacement, mending a simple tear, or raising or lowering a hemline. These are simple fixes, but can make a world of difference if your pant legs or jacket sleeves are too short! Most professional tailors can handle these fixes.

Mid-Level Alterations

Mid-level alterations require more consideration of what’s going to look good on your body. It’s good to find a trusted tailor to make adjustments like changing a neckline or sleeve type, tapering pants or adding darts to clothing.

Expert Alterations

It’s especially important to go to a trusted tailor for expert alterations. These require a solid professional understanding of the structure of clothing. Expert-level fixes include relining clothing, altering the shoulders or posture of a garment, rotating sleeves or reweaving to patch a hole.

We offer a full range of tailoring services at Ajay Cleaners. Feel free to contact us with any tailoring inquiries you may have. We’d love to work with you to make your clothes perfect!

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